I'm using the MOTU Traveler for digital audio and it has 8 or 10 input and output drivers.

Analog 1-2 was the default but when trying to play audio on the web, the sound was going out of 8.

In Cntrl/panel > Sound, the list looked like this:

Analog 1-2
8 < with sound coming out of 8. I don't know how that's possible when 1-2 is set as the default Playback - but I disabled 8.

Sound began to play on 7. So I disabled 7, and so on until the only option left in the list was the default 1-2

But the sound would NOT come out of 1-2!

So having vaporized all the options from the Playback list, I still have no sound on the web and I don't know how to enable the options I disabled. How is that done?

Thanks - rev