Confused on Terminology: Start Menu, Menu
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Thread: Confused on Terminology: Start Menu, Menu

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    Confused on Terminology: Start Menu, Menu

    Attached screenshot is what I see when I press the MS logo key (between Ctrl and Alt) on my Windows 10 PC.

    Is that the "Start Menu?"

    When I am instructed to "Type command to start searching the menu" what, exactly, are the steps I am to do?

    Needless to say, I am a rank beginner, so go-slo please.

    Thanks. .... bkar
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    That is what passes for the "Start Menu" in Windows 10. You can try customizing it to your liking, or you can install StarDock's Start10 instead.

    The "search the Start Menu" function may eventually return a useful result, after it sends your search to Microsoft, but the whole idea of a Start Menu is so that you don't have to search for anything.

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