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Thread: Start Menu Scrolls to the bottom

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    Start Menu Scrolls to the bottom

    Each time open the Start Menu, it scrolls to the last program. If I right click on a program, it scrolls to the bottom of the option available. Additional information:

    Running Windows 10 with updates current
    Program updates current
    Issue only happens with Start Menu and not with web browser menus or program menus
    Not sure when the issue started since I seldom use the start menu

    Any guidance on how to resolve would be appreciated

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    Thank you for the information.

    The issue was being caused by my game controller being plugged in to a USB port in the back of my computer. Since I keep the controller out of sight, it never occurred to me that it could be causing the scrolling. Not sure what made me think about it. I unplugged the controller, turn my PC on, and no scrolling. I've since plugged it back in to the same USB port and no scrolling. I wish I would have thought of the game controller as I was unplugging and replugging in other devices.

    FYI...I use a Logitech game controller and mouse.

    The issue can be considered resolved.

    Thanks again for responding.

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