Can I change the Font on the Screen?
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Thread: Can I change the Font on the Screen?

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    Can I change the Font on the Screen?

    Thanks in advance. This may seem a weird question, but let me preface it. 2 days ago I went through HP tech support to troubleshoot a problem I'm having with a new computer; it restarts when I'm working. It happens once a day anytime. The computer just restarts. So the tech guy spent one hour going through the system and changing some things. Next day same problem. So I told them, I give up. Let's leave it alone (they wanted me to send it in for repairs, etc. etc.)

    So now, I notice that my fonts on the screen have changed. They're lighter and smaller and seem to be in a different font than original. This is throughout on every browswer. (Not the desktop Word programs). So whatever the tech guy changed, it seems he also changed the fonts. Is there a way to re-change the fonts so that they are Times New Roman or Calibri or Bold?
    (Not calling HP tech again)

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