Advice regarding Budget MFC Laser Printer
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Thread: Advice regarding Budget MFC Laser Printer

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    Advice regarding Budget MFC Laser Printer

    Hello Dear Friends
    I need advise regarding buying a MFC Printer. I need to buy a budget even if refurbished Multi Function Color Printer which can print heavy volumes like around 2500-3000 pages per month, which should have fast printing speed preferably around 30 pages per minutes, duplex printing, wifi or NFC enabled and whose printing cartridges are also available cheap non OEM.
    I have searched on eBay and Amazon but need your professional advice regarding my requirements as mentioned above
    Thanks and regards

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    The last time I chose a printer online, I then looked for it on sale at local stores, and also saved on shipping.

    If there's a MicroCenter near you, try their refurbs. I've bought several refurbs there and I trust them.

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