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    Berners-Lee Regrets

    I first got on the net in 1997, at age 51, because I wanted to use Taxcut, and had to connect to download updates. I remember reading an article by a woman in the Midwest, telling how smart her piglets were, and sharing photos, some of which I still have. I was touched that this woman who lived so far away wanted me to know about her pigs, with no profit in mind except sharing her joy.

    Then there was a fellow who wrote one of the first jigsaw puzzle programs, B-Puzzle, which I downloaded from one of the many FREE software sites. It was an amazing thing.

    And The secretary at the church called me in, and we stood there with our mouths open, and called more people in, and I opened it as soon as I got home. The site now sells its music and DVD's.

    And Netscape. The instructor in my computer club said to use it instead of IE because "You don't want your toothbrush and your circular saw on the same cord." I've never gone back to IE.

    I'm skeptical that Berners-Lee's new projects will overtake the WWW. The powers of profit will destroy it.
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