can't see a pc on one comp on network
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Thread: can't see a pc on one comp on network

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    can't see a pc on one comp on network

    I'm using a netgear nighthawk r7800. I just added in a new pc to the network with win10. we'll call it pc3. pc1 has win7. pc2 has win10.

    I can't see pc2 from pc3. I can see pc3 from pc2. I can see both from pc1. so all the computers can see and access each other, except for pc3 not being able to see pc2 on the network.

    they all have the same workgroup. they all have the same settings in network and sharing center. I've rebooted all the computers and the router multiple times. I've tried turning the windows firewall off on pc3 and pc2, but pc3 still won't see pc2.

    I'm not sure what else to check or where to look. any suggestions?

    adding: I'm not using homegroups.
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