SmartRide detect when you shut your car engine off?
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Thread: SmartRide detect when you shut your car engine off?

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    SmartRide detect when you shut your car engine off?

    I am on the Nationwide SmartRide program and instead of using the plug-in device I am (was) using the smartphone app.

    It monitors your mileage, if you drive at night, idling time and sudden breaking and acceleration.

    The better driver you are the higher the discount. I am an easy driver so sudden breaking and accelerations is not an issue with me. I hardly ever drive at night so that also is no issue.

    I live out in the boon-docks and there really is no traffic around here. The longest I have to wait at a traffic light (of which there are very few) is maybe 45 seconds and I only encounter them maybe twice a week.

    The reason why I am posting here is because I spoke with my insurance agent and asked her why my idle time is so high when there is no traffic up here where I live. I told her the only thing I could think of is it is counting the time I run into the convenience store or sit in my car while I speak to a friend that happened to walk by while I was parked just after getting to that spot or even running into the post office or bank really quick. Her comment to me was "be sure you shut the engine off as SmartRide can detect that and it will stop counting the time as 'idle' time".

    I am sorry but I really don't think my phone can detect or at least SmartRide can detect when I shut my car engine off. Can someone please confirm that this is no way for the app to know when my engine is running and the app may just be detecting to some degree via GPS that I am still on the road as I do park on the street sometimes because of work. I am almost positive there is no way this app can detect when I actually start or shut off my engine.

    Nationwide assumes that if you idle a lot you are sitting in traffic and there is a greater chance you will be involved in an accident so it decreases your overall discount.

    Someone please tell me I am not crazy.

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    Your phone does not know when you shut off the car engine, it is using the time at a particular location for idle time. If you switched to the plug-in device, that would detect the engine shut-off.

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    That's exactly what I thought and thank you for reconfirming it. I didn't think there was any way the app/phone could.

    Yes, I do know the device can as it is plugged directly into your port. I used that device a few years back.


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