Formula Help for MS Excel needed
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Thread: Formula Help for MS Excel needed

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    Formula Help for MS Excel needed

    Need help with an Excel formula

    I am trying to make a sheet for recording my shift timings and credit points earned for each shift. So the idea is that suppose Cell B3 to B30 contain my duty shifts
    timings in text form like 0900-1700 or 1600-0000 or 1800-0200 etc etc. Now I want that the next cell like Cell C3 should pick up predetermined values based on the limited categories of data entered in B3. Lets say if B3 contains 0900-1700 then C3 should automatically input 2.00 in C3, If B3 contains 1800-0200 then C3 should automatically change value to 2.58 and so on and so forth.
    What would be the formula for this type of arrangement. Thanks

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    Can the results be calculated from the data in the B row cells? If no, then you need a table somewhere in your workbook that has the B row values and the corresponding values that you want in the C row. You can then use a table lookup function to populate the C row values.

    Possibly useful links:

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