Repair for vintage floppy, Zip and optical drives?
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Thread: Repair for vintage floppy, Zip and optical drives?

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    Question Repair for vintage floppy, Zip and optical drives?

    I refurbish vintage systems (mostly Win98/2K/XP), usually for industrial customers whose drive needs are simple. I thought I'd post in case anyone with experience with these older drivers might be able to help me out.

    Floppy drives:
    I have a handful that seem to function but don't read disks. Is there a 'usual' fix that can be done?

    Zip drives:
    I've never been asked for a working drive but many of the systems come with one pre-installed. I have no use for them. Does anyone refurbish these (or know someone who does)?

    Optical drives:
    Most of these customers need a simple read-only CD drive. I have a couple dozen that either aren't recognized in BIOS or won't read a disc. In most cases, I've tried troubleshooting by trying each of them in multiple machines and with multiple discs. Are there fixes I can try for either - or both - of these issues?
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    Once upon a time, there were "head" cleaning kits for all three drive types.
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