Help with IPhone 7, hacked or cloned
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Thread: Help with IPhone 7, hacked or cloned

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    Help with IPhone 7, hacked or cloned

    I am having major problems with my iPhone 7, it is running on the latest iOS 11.3.1 (followed by 15E302) in settings, about.
    I have been in touch with apple on 3 occasions and am getting nowhere as they refuse to admit that the phones are hackable. I have done an iTunes restore, as well as resets at home. I have no pc at home at the moment to do any scans etc.
    I have downloaded numerous apps, but ones I think should be safe are coming with licenses or acknowledgement that make me think they are already messed with.
    I have spot the spy who keeps cautioning me about a possible intrusion but the other user is using my IP address too. When I go on maps with location on and come off the app for a couple of minutes I flick back to it to my positioning being a couple of streets away, but the address is the same as the one I am getting warnings from on spot the spy.
    Apple did tell me that a MAC was associated with my Apple ID though Iíve never owed one, it was supposed to be deleted but since have had a notification about a Mac signing into my IDz
    I keep changing passwords but this seems to have no change!
    When signing into google or mail I have 2 factor set up but sometimes the text takes longer than usual to come through and then it will come from a UK mobile number, Iíve ignored it and asked to resend to get the real one through from Googleís number with the same code on.
    I really think the phone has been cloned as all communications seem to take longer than normal to come through. Iíve noticed that the senders email is slightly different from my email accounts etc.
    I have put a vpn on yesterday but things still havenít improved. I can get totally thrown off the internet even though my settings havenít altered. I have even had access to the internet from the incorrrct data settings, Iím with giffgaff whoís apn is user giffgaff and no password, kicked off the internet and changed the settings to 3G on and have had a connection again!
    I have had to change my bank accounts and cannot use anything online that would need to be secure. In fact it took me ages just to get access to your site after receiving a password reminder email.
    I have an Apple ID, 2 gmail accounts, a yahoo and an outlook and all are compromised.
    The phone has many analytic logs, few new daily.
    I bought this 2nd hand about the 20th April from approx 2/3 miles away from my home. I have been burgled too recently, so with that and the spot the spy alarms Iím thinking that this is coming from quite close to home. It was around the time of the burglary, when I was home alone and asleep about 4 weeks ago that all this began.
    My husband has my old iPhoneSE and that is experiencing problems too, but we have had that phone since new although we have connected the two phones by hotspot.
    Please help me out with this, you helped me a few years ago when we had our home network of pcs and phones hacked so Iím hoping you can help me again.
    Thanks very much 😒😭👍

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    If you bought that phone used, and the previous owner altered iOS (jailbreak), then it is possible that the phone is compromised. To check on that you should probably take it to an Apple store for examination. If it is not jailbroken, then the compromise is likely on your internet accounts and/or network you are connecting to.

    Best advice: permanently de-activate the used iPhone 7 and get a new one from Apple.


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    iPhone 7

    Yes I did buy the phone from Facebook marketplace.
    Apps have told me that itís not jail broken and I have been in touch on the phone 3 times with apple and I have done an iTunes restore to factory settings in the apple store.
    Think itís my emails compromised. And my internet using any browser is very slow, doesnít connect sometimes depending on the subject and reroutes.
    Can you help me secure my emails and tell me how to show what add ins are on browsers that are hidden. Or an app that will help me do this.
    Itís screwing with my life and I cannot do my usual activity in the phone.
    Thanks in advance.
    Anyone else experienced similar?
    Also changed giffgaff sim, nowhere to put mms settings only mobile data and hotspot.
    Think the messages are going through the hacker before relaying them in , if they want. Had 2 messages to a friend using text on 1 number and iMessage on her other number and neither were received.

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    I have Spot the Spy App on my iPhone 7 and it keeps coming up with the wrong address but my IP. But earlier I had a warning and the IP was 2605:3e80:700:10:1a63 but I canít find any info on it online!!!!
    Anyone help with this?

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    This "Whois" page says that IP address is not valid.

    Typo perhaps?
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    Ive discovered its sn IPv6 address though i got bo info grom it!
    Heres my latest analytics log.

    {"timestamp":"2018-05-26 01:05:39.10 +0100","bug_type":"211","os_version":"iPhone OS 11.3.1 (15E302)","incident_id":"E5BCAF5B-56AC-4472-9A13-3C5E022E7414"}

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