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    Resolved [RESOLVED] Word .dot files

    What ho one and all,

    Although I am using an old version of Word (2000) I will guess the principal is the same.

    I have a number of ***.dot files as personal stationary (A4 letters/envelopes/Invoice/ etc) all with my letterhead as a header and contact details, inc. e-mail address as a footer. I want to up-date the e-mail address but Word tells me that I cannot save the file with an already existing file name.

    I don't want to give them all a new name, then delete the old files and rename the new ones. I have searched on Mr Google but cannot find a way to Cnt-S an amended dot file without renaming it.

    Is there a method?

    Thanks and toodle-pip


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    You should be able to save changes to .dot template files. Post a screen capture of the error message dialog box.

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    Open Word first. (Don't just double-click on the xxxxx.dot file to open it)
    Go to File > Open... > xxxxx.dot
    Make your edits
    Then Save

    If you just double-click on the xxxxx.dot file, Word assumes you are using it as a template for a new .doc file. That's why you need to open Word first, and then open xxxxx.dot.
    If you double-click open, the title bar says "Document1" (or something like that). When you open Word first, the title bar says xxxxx.dot.

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    Brilliant, That worked a treat. Thanks very much and easy when you know how!

    Toodle pip

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