What ho one and ll,

My wife's computer is running XP Pro and Firefox 52 ESR. She is Japanese and I have set it up to display Japanese and added a few extensions that she likes. Stupidly, I don't seem to have made a back-up of the profile.

However, for whatever reason, it will not allow her to watch the BBC iPlayer, unless she reverts to Safe Mode. Must be an add-on issue, but this has only happened recently; no new add-ons installed for some time.

But, when restarting either the computer or Firefox, FF has always returned to 52 with her desired profile. Today, it does not; it just starts in the 52 default clean installation. Why would this be happening?

Additionally, since installing 52, her computer crashes about twice a day. Never did that previous FF. Any suggests to prevent this gladly taken on board.

Many thanks and toodle pip