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    Cell Phone Battery issues

    Okay, don't know if this is the right forum. I'm on my 3rd or 4th Cell phone. I've owned LGs and now I have a Samsung J3. Is it my imagination, but do these cell phones NOT hold a battery charge for long? I mean, I charge my battery to 100% and within an hour it's down to 92-95% and then it just depletes. Are these cell phones not made to hold a charge???
    I carry a charger with me, but wow! I thought it would be better with the Samsung.

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    Moved to right forum.

    Cell phones use a lot of your battery depending on how often you talk, text or do nothing, but doing nothing on them, you have apps on them that drain power. If you have many apps and some you don't ever use, you can remove them.
    Most phones have a power save option too.

    But yes, battery power on a cell phone doesn't last long.
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