Besides Facebook what else is there?
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Thread: Besides Facebook what else is there?

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    Besides Facebook what else is there?

    I just deleted my FB account. Too scarey. So besides FB are there other social medias to use? I'm on Linkedin and Google+.
    The problem I'm finding is that because I deleted my FB account, now I can't make comments on certain sites that use FB as a log-in.
    Comments? suggestions?

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    because I deleted my FB account, now I can't make comments on certain sites that use FB as a log-in.
    You are, without a doubt, one of hundreds of thousands, likely more, in the same boat. Thing is, those comments were possibly being stored and sold, perhaps anonymously perhaps not, to anyone who could pay for them.

    I keep my commenting and public profile as private as possible and only use anonymous identification to try and limit my exposure and potential exploitation. Not necessarily easy to do but one has to be very careful online these days and the effort has become day by day, absolutely mandatory.

    Disqus seems relatively safe but again use anonymous ID and a new and/or throwaway email account to sign up. Having said that Disqus might get hacked tomorrow or we may find out its also been selling its user data so there's no totally safe haven anywhere anymore.
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    21,384 is a social media for "neighbors." You have to prove/be verified that you live where you say you live... You can then communicate with just the people in your neighborhood and or surrounding hoods. There is a ForSale/Free section, Crime and Safety, Lost and Found sections etc.
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    Facebook is safe as long you don't list your address social security number and anything else you wouldn't want on the front page of your local paper ..

    Hope you are not worried about using your Interact card at the store(s) for purchases.. Can you imagine the backlash if Interact was ever Hacked?? .. All your personal information like banking, shopping habits stores you visit/ amounts you buy- daily weekly yearly /the amounts of moneys you spend on these habits of your daily livelihood..?

    Now THAT would be a hack to remember!! . .for me I don't care if I mentioned that Trump would not be a good candidate for president.. or if I went to Disneyland or Mexico.. what day my birthday is on.. its a bigh yawn for me .., I just don't see the value of my own personal life to others IF they need it ...
    But credit cards and banking is a whole different ballgame ..
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    Those details of your personal life that you don't think can be of any use to anyone can in fact be of great use to a skilled "social engineer" to convince someone to open a credit card account or mortgage in your name, or by whack-jobs looking for a target, or by Russian hackers seeking to target you with tons of spam. There are plenty of people who don't have a life of their own that might want to take an unwanted interest in yours.

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