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    Samsung Galaxy USB-C

    So the new Samsung phones use USB-C. I remember talk of this in January 2016. My understanding is that USB-C can transfer:


    This would be change for the better like the iPhone’s Lightening cable.

    Is my understanding of USB-C correct?

    The only thing I can find online are angry people whining about how their old micro USB cables won’t work with their new phone. If it’s an upgrade for the better then people should welcome it.

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    My ZTE phone uses a Type C charger cable that's USB, I am not sure about transferring data but I also bought a Type C card reader to use with my phone if I wanted to transfer photos from my phone to an SDHC card to put on my computer. Although, I use a Pentax DSLR, I've never used the Type C card reader.
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    Bases on the PC Mag story I was correct. It transfers all four properties.

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