Mac High Sierra Photos vs iPhoto
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Thread: Mac High Sierra Photos vs iPhoto

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    Mac High Sierra Photos vs iPhoto

    I'm not sure if you guys do Macs in here or not but I have a friend who has a 27" iMac. She imported all of her pictures from iPhoto to Photos app a few years ago. Unfortunately her husbands phone only syncs with iPhoto and hers only syncs with Photos. Since the change happened a few years ago there are duplicate pictures in both and I'm not sure how to import everything into Photos without duplicating all of them. She is also almost out of space on her Mac. The pictures are taking up 750GB at this point. If I found space and imported everything into Photos is there an app to run to remove duplicates as opposed to doing it all by hand?
    Thanks for any help and if this is the wrong forum for a Mac can someone direct me to somewhere else?

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