What the heck is wrong at Firefox?
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Thread: What the heck is wrong at Firefox?

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    Angry What the heck is wrong at Firefox?

    Has something changed? When I try to use Firefox Yahoo search is what comes up. Has Yahoo taken over Firefox? I was not quite sure where this post should go.

    Please reply, it is as slow on my HP laptop as dial up or worse. Half the time it wont let me scroll. I am so furious.

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    What version of Firefox are you using? According to what I have seen, Mozilla switched back to Google recently, however, if you have an older version, it may still be set to Yahoo.

    Possibly useful links:





    I never use any browser's Search offerings. Instead, I have a Favorites/Bookmarks folder with links/shortcuts/entries for various search engines like Google, Bing, etc., and I use those.

    You could also try the latest portable version of Firefox 57 - no installation is required for that:


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    Yahoo was the default search engine for Firefox until November 2017. Now it reverted back to Google.
    Of course, you can manually manage your search engines as jdc2000 has linked to.

    It's possible that you installed an addon or another app that set the default search to Yahoo.

    You didn't say which OS you're running. Please post your OS and FF versions so that we know what we are dealing with.

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