Last Sept 2017 when my windows 10 was running and performing perfectly I did a Backup.. Not a create restore point, but an actual mirror image of my windows 10 in case I ever have to restore the O/S the way it was in sept of 2017.. I have on my split Hardrive a dual boot O/S set up so I can pick and choose from windows XP or Windows 10 .. well this past week My windows 10 after a successful update.. started to act up .. and when I went to do a further update.. it said in order to finish needs to reboot,, well on the reboot to windows 10 it hung at the Blue windows 10 flag and would not start nor could I even go into safe mode it was frozen..

So because I had that 'restore/backup point from sept I decided to ' fix the windows by restoring that point which I found in a folder on another Harddrive .. it took about three four hours but restarted ok and today when I booted into windows xp I find that my desktop and email outlook express 6 is all dated from that date in Sept 2017 No email received or sent since that date is there .. Both the login names associated with window XP is affected . .Where coudl ti be it must be hidden somewhere in my Harddrive in the windows XP portion .

Bottom line I'm surprized that windows did a restore on all O/S not just the windows 10 in which I wanted to create..

This is where I need the professionalism of virtual dr to help assist me .. I need to find install the .dbx files from the latest files to fix .. any help?