[RESOLVED] Can't Find Ethernet Driver For Dell Optiplex 780
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Thread: [RESOLVED] Can't Find Ethernet Driver For Dell Optiplex 780

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    Resolved [RESOLVED] Can't Find Ethernet Driver For Dell Optiplex 780

    Had to reinstall XP Professional. Do not have the ethernet driver. So I went to Dells site and tried downloading "R233421" And "DriverDr-for-BROADCOM-57XX-GIGABIT-CONTRO-A07-R296613". Neither one worked. I tried other downloads also with no luck. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Did you look at the Dell support site? Do you know which ethernet card you have?

    The Intel driver would probably be INTEL_825XX-GIGABIT-PLATFORM_A02_R234066.exe

    The Broadcom driver would probably be NIC_DRVR_WIN_R296613.EXE

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    Thank you! I now have an ethernet driver. Yes I went to the Dell support site and spent at least two hours trying to get a driver. Obviously I didn't go to the right place or download the right file even though I tried a lot of them. The ethernet is built into the moherboard and must be Intel. At Dells site I typed in ethernet driver, operating sysytem and whatever else they asked. It came up with one file which didn't work. I have downloaded other files from Dells site for a different computer and had success. I was reluctant to ask for the driver since I figured I should be able to find it myself. Again, thank you very much!

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