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    Question ASUS X550CC RAM Issues


    I have an ASUS X550CC which had a failed hard disk drive. I have replaced the drive and then tried installing Windows 8.1 from an USB stick. It allows me to partition the drive and the installation begins but then blue screens as soon as copying files begins (MEMORY_MANAGEMENT error).

    I then ran MemTest86+ and after a few seconds 500 errors appeared and then further errors appear every few seconds until there are over 16,000 after around a minute.
    The weird thing is that I then ran MemTest86 and it runs for hours without any errors so I am not sure which is the correct result. The factory fitted RAM is a Samsung 2GB module, however the system also has 4GB built-in to the motherboard.

    To troubleshoot the issue I swapped the RAM for a 4GB DDR3 module and that too failed testing with MemTest86+. I have looked in the BIOS and cannot find any options to adjust RAM timings or voltages. I have even flashed it to the latest BIOS.

    Therefore the issue seems to be with the 4GB built-in RAM. Do I trust MemTest86+ or MemTest?

    The second issue is that the new hard disk drive is not appearing in the UEFI BIOS boot options.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    There's a probability that the hard drive might not be compatible with your laptop.

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    Have you tried a test with only the 4 GB RAM on the motherboard (DIMM removed)? Try both memory test programs.

    What drive did you use to replace the failed hard drive? Post the make and model.

    It is possible that the drive controller may be faulty. Have you tried the replacement drive on a different computer?

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