I have an Apple Music account 'family' setup with four members .. One of the members ( my granddaughter) was reported to have ordered a $24.99 movie from I-tunes which of course was charged to my credit card as I am the parent organizer . She swears up and down why would she order a $24.99 movie at 11:59 pm on a school night when she is sleeping? , plus the movie is 'Maleficent' which not only has she seen a number of times but it is free on Netflicks ., Plus her brand new 7 day old Mac Air Notebook should not be infected with any malware, ( is apple even prone to Malware? ) . so Question is: Would the malware or hack or virus be associated through her gmail account? or maybe all of my I-tunes accounts with me as organizer but she was singled out? Apple did give me a credit when I reported this to them.. so I am not upset ., BUT want to nip this in the bud now.. For the time being not knowing what to do I have removed my granddaughter from the family sharing plan,, which is not fair to her .. but promised her I would figure this out and this post is the the first of my endeavors .. any advice or help ??