Laptop Hard Drives?
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Thread: Laptop Hard Drives?

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    Laptop Hard Drives?

    So awhile back, my laptop got stuck on the 'please wait' screen. I've tried everything I could find on the internet, but no luck. I've since used my other laptop, but I'd really like to get some of the files off the 'please wait' laptop. Is there anyway I could unplug the hard drive of the one and use another laptop or PC to read off it? Thanks

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    Is there anyway I could unplug the hard drive of the one and use another laptop or PC to read off it?
    You could put the hard drive in a USB enclosure.

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    This is Out of Stock, but I use one of these:
    I've had mine for years and it works great every time I use it. Has a Connection for 3.5 and 2.5 IDE and also SATA.
    I've Cloned many Drives using this Device, it's quick and easy! I've also used it when Transferring Files from one drive to another.

    Sorry, I didn't see it before I posted this, but Midknyte posted a link for Hard Drive Enclosures and they have a similar device listed on Amazon.
    The one on Amazon is not Out of Stock. You might have better luck buying this device on Amazon if you decide to go this route!
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