Attention Big John or Steven R Jones
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Thread: Attention Big John or Steven R Jones

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    Attention Big John or Steven R Jones

    For the past few days I have NOT been able to post any new threads under my regular log in name.. Even though I WAS logged in there was no NEW Thread to press I could get a hold of anyone about this so I had to create a new account ttodd0450 .. MY OLD account which should be in good standing was disabled for what ever glitch or reason there was ..???

    I tried varies PC's and various browsers and could not activate under my log in name ....

    Could you please reply back to me / reactivate - under my account of ttodd which has been my profile name for close to 17 to 20 years ..

    my email is

    for this new account I have used another I have

    Now that this problem has been sorted I have edited out your email addresses for privacy and security reasons. Mod Fink

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    I fixed your old account. Have no idea why, but you got placed in a group for brand new users...and the system was waiting for you to reply to the email (that wasn't sent) so that you could complete your registration

    Please post back here with the old account... I'll then end your new account.

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    I'm back now on my old account all is fixed ... Thanks for repairing and allowing me back into the fold !

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