I have a Lenovo 10.1 laptop type 4187. I put win 7 prof on it 32 bit. with 2.5 gb of ram. It is so slow I am thinking of changing it to win 98se.
The computer has 2 gb ram in one slot and 1/2 gb ram soldered to the mother board. If I remove the 2 gb of ram it will have 1/2 Gb ram left. Is
that enough to run Win 98 or should I leave 2.5 Gb of ram in the computer? How do I remove win 7 Prof. I put the win 98 install disc in thinking
it would format the hard drive but that did not work. How can I remove win 7 and format the hard drive for win 98. I will not be online with this
computer but just use it run old programs.