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    Big John or Steve R Jones

    This is Bluehills aka Asus (new registration). I realize I was banned from VirtualDr. The only way to reach someone here was to register. Apparently someone hacked my password somehow and they probably left a bad message. I personally would never on purpose do such a thing. I am asking for you to reinstate me to VirtualDr. Please email me when you can. I will change my password and make it much harder to hack. I tried to reach the administrator by "contact", but no one has answered. Thank you for your time.

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    I have "fixed" your old account so you should be able to post now... I did make a modification that will make ALL of your posts go to a "pre mod" queue...which means a site staff member will have to approve your posts before they become public.

    I'm not sure why your Contact Us email wasn't forwarded.

    As soon as I click the post button on this post, I'm going to disable your new account.

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