E1000 Firmware Update .bin File Question
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Thread: E1000 Firmware Update .bin File Question

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    E1000 Firmware Update .bin File Question


    I have an E1000 Wireless-N router, Hardware version 1.0. The current Firmware version is 2.1.02 build 6 and I want to upgrade to Ver. 2.1.03 Build 5 to address any potential/various security vulnerabilities. I have Windows 10 on my PC. Cisco Connect version is 1.3.11069.2, current for the E1000.

    When I downloaded Firmware Ver.2.1.03 Build 5 I inadvertently tried to open the file with ImgBurn, thinking that I needed to burn it to CD. I realize now that it is a .BIN file and needs to be upgraded with Connect. This is a good article btw http://www.linksys.com/us/support-ar...icleNum=132961

    I have created a backup configuration of the current (old) firmware, 2.1.02 build 6, and am saving it to a thumb drive. I also want to save a copy of the new FW, 2.1.03 Build 5, to the thumb drive but I do not want it to "open with" ImgBurn. I am comfortable with the process to upgrade the firmware so my question is more general in nature: How do I make Windows 10 not open this .BIN file with ImgBurn?

    Note: I have gone to Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Default Programs > Set Associations. When I click/highlight .bin & click Change program the options are:

    1. Keep using ImgBurn
    2. Internet Explorer
    3. Look for an app in the Store
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    Since Windows 7, Microsoft has helpfully removed the ability to remove a file association. You will need to edit the registry to do this.




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