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    Possible Network Scam

    I tried to hook up a new Roko box and it gave me an internal warning about a connection problem. So I called what I thought was ROKU at 855-278-5593.
    This was not the real ROKU but I did not know that. They told me my network was infected and took over my computer. They said my network security
    was turned off I must have rundl 1 removed from my computer. Then transferred me to what they said was Microsoft at 855-200-2573. A man who
    said he was Paul Watson came on the phone and said he would remove Rundl 1, install network security and a Firewall on the network for only $400.00
    He showed me a bunch of IP address and said they were put on by scammers so they can get into my computer. I did not believe them and told them I
    would call them back. Them I googled their phone and found they are reported as a scam outfit located in China. How do I check my network security
    and is there a network security that should be turned on?


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    Where do you get these phone numbers from?

    Roku's number from their web site is 1 (888) 600-7658.

    You could use GRC.com Shields Up to check your network connection's security.

    You should probably also run a scan with your antivirus software and another scan afterwards with MalwareBytes.

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    Also run JRT and Adwcleaner. The belong to mbam now.
    and post back. Let us know if it worked.
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