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    Well it has been an interesting week so to say.. I got my computer cleaned up, got a new mouse and keyboard. Then had it shut down. I forgot the prime directive, clean the dust and cat fur from the inside of the computer often. After getting that fixed and cleaned. I was on it for several days. Then a portion of the browser remained on the desktop and would not go away. So I used the shut down restart key to shut down. Only it would not reboot. At first it did into safe mode then it would not and a screen came up that said I needed to repair windows 7 and it gave me options. I had an image of my system on F drive and it led me to using it. That image was over a year old, and I thought I had everything of importanc3e saved to E or F drive so I clicked ok to use my system image. After it had restored back to the image of course everything was outdated so I took the day to upgrade all my programs from adwcleaner to msesentials to malwarebyetes. You name it I had to update or upgrade it. Plus 85 ms updates. All the issues that had been plaguing me for some time appear to be repaired. In the back of my mind I thought I needed a reinstall of windows 7 just hated to do it. All the work that goes with it. And being that I don't do it as much as I did it with win98 or even XP I forget how to do things. Well I am up and runnning again and everything appears to be working as it should. Even with a couple of mistakes in upgrading adobe flash. I guess I need to backup my hard drive more often. So I had a fun couple of days. Remembering what I had to do without assistance. A couple of times I was ready to throw my arms in the air and give up the computer. LOL fat chance.
    Oh yes I can left click the links in emails and it goes to the page in a new tab.
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    Now if I could just get my user name changed back to imadreamer2 instead of imadreamer65 as I had to in order to sign in here.

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    See post#5. You need to send a PM to Steve R Jones.

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