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    Microsoft Edge

    I was using win xp pro and just purchased a laptop that has win 10. I used to use firefox on my win xp pc. I see that my laptop has Microsoft edge browser. What is the preferred browser that most of the tech gurus use in here? Between firefox, chrome, and edge, is one better to use with win 10? Is one superior in security? Is one superior in speed? Would one of the other browser's be a better choice should I stick with firefox?

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    Windows 10 also has Internet Explorer:

    Edge is still fairly useless.

    I use Vivaldi, which uses the Chrome engine but is much easier to customize and doesn't crash as much.

    Firefox and Chrome both crash too much for me to use them unless I actually need them for some reason. I have them installed, but don't do much with them.

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    For me, Firefox first, then Chrome, then IE if I have to.

    Chrome is probably the most popular right now, but it is a memory hog. There are always vulnerabilities being found and patched, so that's a moot point.

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    Firefox has never given me any problems. Windows or Linux.
    then IE if I have to.
    About twice a year here.

    Edge is still fairly useless.
    Hated it from the get go when it was in win 10 BETA. Neither IE nor edge would import my bookmarks.
    and post back. Let us know if it worked.
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