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    eFing Homegroup

    Here's the situation... 4 machines on the network. Two win7 and two win10... at one time I did have homegroup set up but not now. Although the win7 machines say there is a homegroup out there created me pcm machine... that's my computer and it's been reloaded several times in the last few days and these win7 machines insist that I'm still there with a homegroup, not!
    My win10 machine and my wife's win10 machine both say no homegroup on the network... the two win7 machines want me to join a homegroup that does not exist. I've tried the standard resets.... wiped out the peernetworking folder multiple times to no avail. And I refuse to set up a homegroup on my machine because I've done that before and the win7 machines won't join it as they think something stupid and can't join the homegroup.
    So, I've reset the homegroup junk on the win7 machine, reset every networking thing on it..... no luck. I'd sure like to know how to remove the homegroup on that win7 machine... what do you think folks?
    Windows 10 on: ~Asus P5B-E ~Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 @ 3GHz ~G. Skill (2 x 2GB) PC2-6400 ~EVGA 7900GTX ~Kingston SSD (for the OS) ~Western Digital 650GB Hard Drive (Data), Turtle Beach Santa Cruz w/Klipsh 2.1 Pro Media Speakers ~ Twin BenQ FP202W 20.1" LCD's

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    I switched to workgroup and got everything networked with no problem. Win 10, win 7 and linux.
    and post back. Let us know if it worked.
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