Printer for high quality logo printing on certificates
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Thread: Printer for high quality logo printing on certificates

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    Printer for high quality logo printing on certificates

    I am looking for a printer which can print high quality certificates with logos. I am wondering whether inkjet printer or colour laserjet printers will be good enough for this job. I want that such certificates which will be printed onnsome high qualuty paper should not be affected by water or faded by sunlight but I also need very high quality of graphics.
    So kindly advise me which printer should I buy for this job. Any help would be much appreciated

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    What weight of paper were you thinking of using? For laser printers, you would want to make sure that they can handle paper of that weight. Laser printers should produce images that are less susceptible to fading, and have better text quality. Inkjets might produce better multi-color images. You may want to consider creating a sample certificate and put it on a flash drive to take to some local printer retailers so you can try a test print before buying a printer.

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