yesterday i made usb bootable window 8.1 in my hp flash drive.Now i tried to format the window but window is unable to format the usb flash.
Then i use cmd diskpart method but it failed to create primary partition after that i use some softwares like EaseUS partition master,AOMEI partition assitant etc but there is an error while locking the partition volume.
As window 8.1 is booted in usb so file system is NTFS and there is windows boot lable/mark on the usb.i also tried to covert the file system from NTFS to 'FAT32' but failed to covert.
usb is working properly with its original memory it doesn't lose the memory.

Screenshot (3).png

one more thing i deleted the all window files from the usb it is done but all window files are regnerate when i re-open the usb.
anyone know's the solution of this problem??