Apple 7 Big sale on ? I am partially stoked !
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Thread: Apple 7 Big sale on ? I am partially stoked !

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    Apple 7 Big sale on ? I am partially stoked !

    Last August I was thinking of updating over my apple 5c to say an Apple 7( just coming out) .. my Canadian retailer informed me if I was take a 2 year plan with one of the 3 big providers- the Iphone 7 would cost me $700 up front !! ..

    I then decided on an apple 5s for only $99 with my regular 2 year plan of 4GB monthly with unlimited calls and texts ...

    so lo and behold this past week I am seeing ads for zero dollars on an apple 7 ( in the USA ) and $99 (or $67usd) for my Canadian stores but only over a 4 day period.. ..

    that news- along with the future potential of Trumps threats about manufacturing with all of/ or a portion of Apple products in the USA which would drive a $700 Iphone to around $1300 usd ... I realize its christmas tiem and promotions but why can't we get this during the rest of the 51 weeks calendar year ..?

    any one in the know who knows exactly what is going here ??


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    First, are you locked (in any way) into the 5S you just got a few months ago? If you are, any "deal" may well be more expensive than it seems.

    iPhone deals may be more plentiful in the US than Canada? I can remember seeing low or free pricing on the iPhone 7 since it came out. (Of course, low or free pricing isn't really low or free. The free or low price normally means what you initially pay the day you pick up the phone. Not what the monthly price adds up to over time.) You can get older phones for a lower buy in but they are not going to be the latest thing.

    As for Trump, I'm not buying into any rumors at this point. No one really knows how things may or may not work out.

    My advice is to check out the sale. You could get lucky a get a really good deal. If not, you're only out the time to investigate things...

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