It was a long time that I opened an old PC over here. As far as I know I could still use windows the former time years ago. But now it starts up only partly. I edited the setup but that's not the cause that the startup is incomplete. Sometimes the startup progresses a little bit furher and then I get the message "hard disk(s) fail(s) (80)".

I saw several threads in this forum about "hard disk(s) fail(s) (80)", even one from the year 2000.

Nowhere I had the impression that they were talking about a broken hard disk. But if I remember well I saw the same message on the screen of my laptop around the year 2006 and later also. As far as I remember the hard disk was broken and had to be replaced which has been done.

Please may I conclude from "hard disk(s) fail(s) (80)" that the disk is broken?

Thanks a lot.