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    TV headphone extension

    My port for my TV"S headphone is on the back of my TV & since it hangs on the wall & I am disabled I cannot turn the mute function on/off when I desire. Does an extension exist where I can leave it plugged-in & still mute/unmute the TV.

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    Post the make and model of your TV. If it has an RCA connector for the audio, then you might be able to use instead.

    The usual headphone jack is designed with a hardware switch that turns off the internal speakers on the TV when a cable is plugged in, so there is no simple solution. There is a way you could get what you want, but it will involve more hardware. To leave the extension headphone cable plugged in all the time, you would need a set of external speakers (probably amplified, like computer speakers) that you could plug in when you wanted sound from speakers instead of headphones. If you really wanted to spend a few extra dollars, you can get an audio source switch with a remote that would allow both the speakers and headphones to be plugged in at the same time and it would switch between them.

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    Do you want the TV speakers on even when the headphones are connected? Or do you want the mute button to turn off the sound to the headphones?

    If it's the first one, you'll need to connect using the RCA jacks. There are $6 adapters on Amazon that do this, assuming your TV has RCA outputs.

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