Not a question, just an observation.

My ASUS ME400C tablet that I bought about a year and a half ago came with Win 8.1. I didn't like the tablet much and I really didn't like Windows 8.1.

I disliked both so much I rarely used it and regretted buying it to begin with (I did get it at a good price so there's that at least).

When Win 10 first became freely available I tried to upgrade but was told my hardware was not compatible. My research on ASUS forums said they would not be developing drivers to make it compatible with Windows 10. I thought that would be the end of the story but now that it's less than a month away from the end of free Windows 10 upgrades I gave it another go. Nothing to lose really I imaged the drive as fallback and just hit the let's do this button.

Much to my surprise when I manually downloaded the MS windows 10 upgrade assistant (not using the GWX option on my tablet to upgrade, which I'd disabled) the upgrade procedure started without any hesitation. None of the previous warnings about non-compatibility.

It took a while.. about 3.5 hours.. but the whole process went flawlessly and now the tablet runs Windows 10 without any problems I've found at all. Not sure if ASUS actually did make new drivers or the old ones were ok on their own but whatever, they work. I was told the graphics adapters were the biggest problem with these tablets but it seems just fine.

So far I like Windows 10.. Makes more sense to run than 8.1 and the tablet is actually a bit faster now too. With 2 Gigs of RAM and an ATOM processor it's not top of the line by any means but at least now it's usable for what I originally intended which is primarily for watching sporting events when I'm not home.

One of the other good things about it is that it has Windows 7 backup/imaging utility built in and it works too. My single biggest headache with this tablet and Win 8.1 was making images that worked but the older school Win 7 imaging utility seems to be what works best.

I'd previously tried Paragon and EASEUS free imaging programs but neither of them played nice with my tablet/OS.

I was very skeptical but so far I"m pleased with how this upgrade has turned out. I've also experienced a few Win 10 auto updates including one for my graphics adapter but no blue screens or problems so far at all. Fingers are still crossed.