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Thread: Copying old HD to new laptop

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    Copying old HD to new laptop

    I am going to start shopping for a new laptop. My current one (promise not to laugh?) is a 7 year old Toshiba Satellite running on Windows 7 Home Edition. The application programs I use frequently all work great. It's just that this laptop is so slow and lumbering. Time for newer and faster. I'd like to copy or mirror the entire contents of my HD for my new laptop. What is the best way to do this? Thank you!

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    Are you wanting to clone the entire drive, including the OS to the new laptop? For that you need to select a new laptop that has drivers for Windows 7. If you just want to transfer your data files, that is easy. If you want your old application software to work on the new laptop, you would need to reinstall it on the new laptop unless you are transferring your entire system and OS as well. Most new laptops these days will ship with Windows 10 installed. If you want to use Windows 10, you would need to make sure that your application software has a version that will run on Windows 10. More details on exactly what you want to do, and what software you are using would help us provide you with ideas and assistance.

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    The chipsets of the two laptops would be totally different, so you'd mostly likely get a BSOD if you tried to copy the Win7 over. The OEM licensing for Win7 would be tied to the Toshiba, so activation would probably fail also.

    If your new laptop has a touch screen, you'd lose that capability with Win7.

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    Best to just install all your Programs and Apps again onto the new laptop.
    Just asking for a lot of trouble with Drivers, Motherboard Drivers to start with!

    Guess you could always try it if you had a spare hard drive (clone to the spare hard drive).
    I surely wouldn't clone to the hard drive that comes with the new laptop (take it out of the computer).

    If you were just wanting a Cloned Backup, yes I totally agree!
    To Clone I use to use Acronis True Image.
    The last computer I cloned is my current Laptop and I used AOMEI Backupper.
    My Laptop had an Empty mSATA Slot for an SSD Drive and I cloned the existing HDD Drive onto a New SSD Drive.
    I then formatted the 500gb HDD and set it up for storage!

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    12gb G. Skill DDR3 RAM
    256gb Crucial M550 mSATA SSD Drive (Operating System and Office Package)
    500gb WD Black Hard Drive 7200rpm (Storage)
    Intel HD Graphics 4400
    15.6" FHD ultraslim IPS Touchscreen
    Atheros Qualcomm WiFi a/b/g/n/ + BT 4.0
    USB 2 x 2.0 - USB 1 x 3.0
    SD Card Reader
    Lighted Keyboard
    Windows 10 Home
    Brother MFC-9440cn AIO
    Brother MFC-845cw AIO
    Brother QL-570 Label Printer

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