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    Cat 5 or Cat 6

    Friend says computer is slow connected via cat 5 cable to router. If I change the cable to a cat 6 will responses be faster, a bit, not at all. Thanks. Jim S.
    Jim S.

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    It depends on your network card, and switch/router also. Do you have gigabit ethernet or not? Are you sure it's CAT5 and not CAT5e?

    If I change the cable to a cat 6 will responses be faster, a bit, not at all.
    What "responses" are you talking about? CAT5 is capable of Fast Ethernet @100Mbps.

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    Using CAT 7 here. My understanding of this issue is that unless your using all the same cables, for instance, all CAT 5/CAT 6 etc. the system will default to the slowest cable. If you have CAT 6 on the PS4 and CAT5 on everything else the information transfer slows to CAT5 speeds. now I've just read items on the internet so I can't truthfully say this is fact.

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    Yeah to be honest there really isn't any reason to even run cat 6 in a home setup.. 5e is more than enough for a home/small biz setup.. Are you talking patch cables from device to device or device to switch or are you talking runs your perm setting up in the wall?

    10ge is really not at a price point to see any sort of deployment in home setups or to end devices in the soho..

    If your buying a patch cable to connect your computer to your switch then 5e is all that you really need.. Your buying anything above that your really just spending extra money that is not going to get you any sort of performance improvement at all. Now if your wiring you home for Ethernet and you want to future proof it for say 10 years, then maybe need to have a bit discussion on what you might want to do.. Do you have a central location your wiring all the rooms too, where you core switch will be? Are you running a backbone in your house from 1 location to another? I have cat5e that runs from my computer room to living room (front of the house, and then another cable that runs from center of house to back of the house.. If I was going to do anything I would switch out this run to the front of the house with fiber.. I really wouldn't run copper at all other than to specific rooms from the core area..

    So an overall understanding of your runs would need to be understood before determining the proper cable to use.
    and post back. Let us know if it worked.
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