Mystery with Gmail on LG Flex
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Thread: Mystery with Gmail on LG Flex

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    Mystery with Gmail on LG Flex

    Hi all,

    I'm pretty good with PC hardware, but not so much with my phone.

    On my LG Flex, up until maybe 2 days ago, I had NO problems. Then out of the blue, I couldn't get Gmail to work; it won't even bring up emails I already received. It just displays one of those circular equivalents of an hourglass. By the way, this is using the Gmail mobile app.

    For the record, Gmail is working fine on my home PC, so it isn't a problem at Google. And on my phone, I can open a browser and any site I select pops up just fine.

    HOWEVER -- when I go to on the browser, I get a message over and over that the Google website certificate isn't verified or whatever. This does NOT happen on the Google website on my home PC, and does NOT happen with any other site on my phone's browser.

    I've checked wifi settings etc, but nothing looks amiss -- and as I said, other websites come up on the phone's browser with no problem.

    I have no idea what has happened, so any useful comments or advice are very welcome!

    Thanks in advance,
    David G.

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    First things first. Did you update the Gmail and Chrome apps? Did you clear the Gmail app data and then resync? Did you reboot the phone?

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    You should try doing an update, clearing the data and then resyncing as what the poster before me said. That happened to me before twice. The first time that happened the time of my phone was incorrect and correcting the time did the trick. The second time it happened, the time was right, so I did this and it worked.

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