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    Fosmon 5.0 Meg USB Webcam...

    I'm not familiar at all with Webcams: It's a Fosmon 5.0 Meg USB Webcam, plugged it into a Windows 7 Home Premium computer, drivers downloaded fine. But, it came with no instructions and no other software.
    Any thoughts on how to use it or what the best software (free if possible) we need for it?

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    Is this it?...

    From what I can see it's a generic USB camera/mic combo. It would or should be detected by whatever program you use that would need a webcam, so if you used Skype for eg, then it would be the default camera that's being used on your computer although you might have to tell whatever program you're using to make it default by within it's own user interface. FWIW that's also what I'd say about the other Fosmon cameras that I see on that sight.. none have any instruction manuals or software.

    As for which camera software to use to do things like recording videos etc I'm not sure. I had a look around for any software or owners manual for that camera and came up with nothing but I would think that something like this would work..

    but I don't use/have a webcam so I can't say how good it is. Perhaps others can advise on that.

    I used to have a Logitech camera and their software seemed to work well but I can't say that it would work with a non-Logitech device. You could download the Logitech camera software (it's free) and see if it works with your camera.. worst case scenario is that it just doesn't so you uninstall it.
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