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    Unwanted Fastbrowser browser

    With my W8.1 desktop pc .. my home page was Mozilla Firefox and I used Firefox to define a set of bookmarks. But after loading a certain app today I now find that: a) my opening screen is something called Fastbrowser which does not show my bookmarks but does show a toolbar (with Shopping, etc) that I do not want. That opening screen also shows a Google search slot (which I don't mind) and some dozen icons below the slot (CNN, Facebook, etc) that I do not want.

    If I click a certain icon on the Fastbrowser screen (that looks like a Firefox icon) I can retrieve my usual Firefox screen and my bookmarks; and those unwanted icons beneath the opening Google search slot are gone.

    How can eliminate I Fastbrowser and return to my previous state just using Firefox? Thanks for your help..... wdc

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