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Thread: Error loading operating system

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    Error loading operating system

    After downloading and installing the latest windows critical updates I was instructed to restart my laptop ( Dell Inspiring 6000 ) . I did so and on the reboot I got a black screen with the message " Error loading operating system " after initial boot screen. I am now unable to access my windows XP operating system and get the same message on every reboot.Laptop was working fine before windows updates.

    Dell Inspiring 6000
    Windows XP Home Edition OS
    120GB Hard drive

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    It could be a coincidence. Windows Updates should not affect boot files.

    I'm assuming there are no CDs or other bootable media in the system. If so, remove them.

    Did you run the hard drive manufacturer's diags? I'd do that first. You can download them from the manufacturer's website or get UBCD5.

    After that, you can try a repair install.

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    After running diagnostics as already suggested,

    If applicable,

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    Resolved --- Bought a MacBook PRO --- Please close.

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