Windows Updates Won't Install?
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Thread: Windows Updates Won't Install?

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    Windows Updates Won't Install?

    Iím running Windows 7 Home Premium. Iíve never had any problems with Windows update until recently.

    I have two important updates:
    1.) Update for Kernel-Mode Driver Framework version 1.11 for Windows 7 for x64-based
    Systems (KB2685811)
    2.) Hewlett-Packard - Imaging, Other hardware - Null Print - HP Photosmart 7520 series

    I also have two optional Windows updates:
    1.) Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB2592687)
    2.) Bing Desktop which I donít want

    The 2 important updates are always checked so I have to uncheck them with I shut down the PC. If I forget, they try to install and I have to wait for the system to revert.

    There were some security updates that I had to install separately or they would revert with the above. Also, I ran a 'services.msc' and Windows update is installed.

    Any ideas why these Windows updates arenít installing? My system is running fine and virus free.


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    Microsoft has unlimited no-charge e-mail support for updates:

    If you don't live in the U.S., start here:

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    mike2rc--Update KB2685811 is causing problems for a lot of people.
    For Example You may not be able to access the last.

    If you do not feel you need KB2685811 see if hiding it will stop it from trying to install. Windows Update screen|view list of available updates|right click on KB2685811|Hide Update.
    WIN7 Ultimate SP1 64bit, IE 11, NTFS,
    cable, MS Security Essentials, Windows 7 firewall

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    Thanks. I ran the fix and they install but revert on boot up.
    I tried the HP printer update and that also reverts.
    The only thing I've installed lately is Kaspersky which has loooong scans.

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