Hard Drive FULL, issue copying software to CD
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Thread: Hard Drive FULL, issue copying software to CD

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    Hard Drive FULL, issue copying software to CD

    Can't believe my 285gb HD is full. Decided to attempt to copy some of the software I don't use that often to a CD. When I copy the program to my 'E' drive, the MS Silverlight program size changed as follows:
    Original- size: 2.17kb (2227bytes), size on disk: 4Kb (4096bytes), 1 file, 0 folders
    Copy on 'E' drive to be copied to disk:
    Original- size: 2.21Kb (2273bytes), size on disk: 8Kb (8192bytes), 2 files, 0 folders

    Similar changes in size for Cyberlink program when copied to 'E' Drive in order to copy to CD

    I am hesitant to actually burn these programs to CD then delete the original from the computer in order to create space since the sizes are different.
    Opinions for size difference? Suggestions?
    Thanks so much!

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    Firstly, you can't copy programs. All programs has embedded bits in the registry, so copying them would be useless.
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    When you select copy, that is what happens. Windows makes a copy which doubles the file size.

    When was the last time you cleaned out all the temp, unneeded files?

    Cut and paste the files from My Documents, My Pictures, etc. to that partition.
    Make folders for the different items before you do. Then you can make shortcuts to those folder and accesss them from your desktop.

    What I do and works just fine.
    and post back. Let us know if it worked.
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    From the size ??kb ,I'm thinking you are only copying shortcuts,which is of no real benefit/purpose.
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    I agree. At ~2KB it's nothing more than .lnk (shortcut) file.

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