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    FireShot Screen Capture Program

    I run Windows 7 and use FireFox as my browser. I'm looking for a free screen capture program that will allow me to grab an entire webpage and also has a printing ability. I ran a search and found one utility called FireShot and it seems to do a pretty good job. One problem is the text gets mighty small and hard to read when capturing a whole page. Does anyone have a screen capture program they like? I'd sure like to hear about it.

    And does anyone know anything about the FireShot program? I grew a little leery of it when Norton stopped it accessing I.E. to also install there even though I approved it. I'd appreciate your input.

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    In Win 7 we have the native Snipping tool. Once I figured it out, it is the only tool I use.

    The first few links should do the trick.
    and post back. Let us know if it worked.
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    If it's just what's on the screen, the Snipping Tool is fine. If you need everything (including the stuff below what is visible), the the Snipping Tool can't do it. There are several screen capture apps that can do a scrolling capture. The best ones are not free.

    My choice is FastStone Capture It has worked great for me in IE, Firefox and Chrome. The only thing I have ever ran into that it doesn't capture are Java based scroll boxes. And they are few and far between...

    CaptureWizPro is another I have used that is quite good. Version 5 has an update to its scrolling capture component and claims to be able to capture nearly every type of window that scrolls. My biggest beef with CWP is the price. $40 for it vs. $20 for FastStone Capture.

    The old king of the hill was SnagIt But it's $50 and from what I've read, really doesn't offer enough extra features to make it worth that kind of money.

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    I use either the Snipping Tool, or if I want to do something a bit more advanced to a screenshot I do it the long way and use the PrtScn key and then past the screenshot into Photoshop (any image editor will do, of coarse). I find the extra effort is worth it where I want to superimpose arrows, text, etc.

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