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    Changing File Extension

    I wish to paste a tune from my PC to my laptop. I copied it with a flash drive and pasted it on my music on the laptop but it will not play. Error says incorrect file. The tune was altered in Mixcraft to play slower. The file extension is .mx3 and I renamed it .mp3. Evidently I am doing something wrong or it is not possible to achieve the desired result. Please advise!

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    As far as I am aware the .mx3 extension means thats the project file ( I assume you are using an older version of Mixcraft as Mixcraft 5, saves its project files as filename.mx5 )

    Project Templates
    A template is a special project that stores track names, track images, volume settings, armed states and other track
    settings. You can load a template so that you don't have to set up your tracks each time you start a new project.
    That project file is only relevant for MIxcraft, so to play else where you will need to save as (Mix down) to an mp3, wma or wav file.

    Mix Down To Audio File
    Mix down your project to one of the following audio file types: MP3, WAV, WMA or OGG.
    ** Note - the MP3 format is not available in Mixcraft LE (Light Edition).
    Click the Mix Down button on the toolbar or select Mix Down from the File menu, followed by selecting the
    format you'd like to mix down to. Alternatively, you can choose Save As.. from the File menu and then click the Save
    as type drop down control to select the desired format.
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