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    I am wondering why you guys ignore me when i PM you??

    On almost every site im on THE STAFF IGNORES ME and it makes me feel bad..

    Is this how you treat people in your personal lives??

    Have i done anything to deserve being ignored??

    Dont you have any common courtesy??

    These are questions you have to ask yourself!!!!!!!

    Its mean to ignore people!! (Especially when they have done nothing to you)

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    Dude – we get bombarded with stuff friend requests/PM/Emails/you name it… When you send a PM, are you asking about site related issues or are you trying to make a new on-line friend?

    I don’t recall getting a PM from you anytime recently but fire away if you need to.
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    I haven't had any PMs either.

    Any important or site related stuff I will make a point of replying to and/or acting on ASAP. Other PMs get replied to when I can.

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    Welll i didnt wanna mention handles cause i dont want anyone getting mad but from this site I have PMed Midknyte A FEW TIMES saying hi and all since i have registered here and he hasnt ever responded..... And also Photolady,she used to be my friend.. The last couple months she hasnt replied...... Im wondering why??

    Im sorry,i didnt mean all of you.....

    I just dont see why there isnt more friendship and love/kindness online......

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    Oops. Sorry about that. I don't get that many PMs. I just spot check the site to see if there are new threads or updates.

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    Well i just thought you were upset with me....

    Im glad your not

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