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    Microsoft Publisher File convert in Microsoft Word

    I have a friend that does not have Publisher & needs to view my files & wants to edit them.

    Sometime ago, I created a document & I have to re-create them in Word. I have Microsoft Small Office & Publisher 2010. She has 2010 Office, but I have a feeling she does not have a disk with Publisher on it. Am I correct?

    The hardest one I need has some problems when creating in Word. I will post each problem separately.

    The first one I need to create a text box with graphics. Because I am a text box in Word most of those functions are not available that I desire to use. I have created a text box with lines showing around the box. I choose "Columns" to create (2) boxes of each page; landscape mode; margins I have set a .50 for each setting. I tried to copy text from the Publisher file without any problems. I tried copying the graphic on the clipboard & it will not copy in Word (get an error saying it cannot copy in a text box); so in Word I get the same clip art file that I used in Publisher in Word. I want to line up text with the graphic beside it. I cannot except using the paragraph settings. In the graphic area, I cannot move the graphic around & the Wrap Text is grayed out as well as group a graphic. These are the settings I desire.

    Do you have any other ideas how I can get the graphic and the text beside each other? This is the reason I created this in Publisher instead of Word sometime back.

    Please advise what you think I can do. Any help will be appreciated. It is so much easier to create in Publisher.


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    I think you can just open in Publisher and then use "save as" to save as a .doc.

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    I think you can just open in Publisher and then use "save as" to save as a .doc.
    Yes, or numerous other formats:

    You will not be able to manipulate any pictures or graphics as easily in the new Word document but they will usually stay more or less in place. For graphics with text, it's hard to beat Publisher. I made this labeled diagram of my motherboard plugins in Publisher, can't image doing it in Word.
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