[RESOLVED] Dell Power Edge 860 reports uncorrectable ECC error, works fine?
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Thread: [RESOLVED] Dell Power Edge 860 reports uncorrectable ECC error, works fine?

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    Resolved [RESOLVED] Dell Power Edge 860 reports uncorrectable ECC error, works fine?

    A few days ago, I pulled a Power Edge 860 out for a client because it was only booting sporadically after a power outage. Once I got it to boot regularly, it came back with two problems: a degraded RAID array, and an "uncorrectable ECC error". The former was an easy fix, but I'm having trouble with the latter.

    Dell's built-in diagnostic program gives the full description of the error:

    IPMI system event log check
    Error code 2900:0221 Uncorrectable ECC error Bank #1

    Dell's documentation for the server says that this indicates a problem with one of the DIMMs, either with the memory installed or with the slot itself. I've switch around the modules, but the error still shows up in the scan.

    In spite of this error, however, the server boots just fine and seems to be working normally, all the installed memory is showing up just fine, and it doesn't show me any error messages unless I run the diagnostic program.

    Is this indicative of a problem that may pop up sometime in the future, or is there something wrong right now that I'm missing?

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    Yeah, that did the trick. I was so focused on figuring out the error itself that I forgot you have to clear out the logs after one occurs, otherwise it will just continue to report on it.

    I installed the Dell System E-Support Tool (DSET) and cleared the log. Now it's entirely back to normal.

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